Creation 2020
A circus-dance piece
Duration: 24 min
Performed by Naomi Bratthammer
and Emma Laule

Fandado is combining the circus technique of aerial rope with
elements of acrobatics, contemporary dance and physical theatre.
It is made for inside and outside stages for audiences from 6+.

The two performers represent two parts of one person,
who become estranged from each other and struggle to reconnect.
In the beginning they form one organism, move together,
breathe together. But the more they are exposed to the outside
world, the more they become individuals, until their symbiotic
connection breaks.

When We Started Wanting

Creation 2019
A circus-dance piece
Duration: 15 min
Performed by Naomi Bratthammer
and Emma Laule

About femininity and wildness,
friendship and monsters.

Adresses an adult
audience 12+.

For videos of the full performances please send us a mail.